Is There More to Ebola Than we Have Been Told?

Apparently, the US government has been working with several other Biotech companies for cure on the Ebola virus. Until recently we never heard of the success or failures of those ventures. Fortunately for them, an opportunity came in the form of “an outbreak of the virus in not one but 3 West African states and is “spreading”. Not only was it an opportunity for them but it also seems to be good for business. Companies like Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR) have recorded nearly 40% increase in their trading volume with BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX) making a 5% increase (CNN).

But according to CNN “Like many small Biotechs, Temira is not profitable and its revenues are minuscule and investors often flock into these kinds of companies when a major health scares are in the headlines. The same CNN reports Jason Kolbert, an analyst with Maxim Group who covers Tekmira, as saying “Nobody cares about these companies until there’s a crisis”. Now more than ever I find myself thinking hard on what many of my people are asking themselves, “Was this an accident at all or is it that we are been used as an extended lab for the testing of laboratory developed viruses and their “cures”?”.

Whatever the case is, we thank Mapp Biopharmaceutical for their “secret” serum that was used to save the dear lives of the 2 infected American doctors Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. We await our turn to get access to that same “Secret serum” to prevent the loss of more of our dear mothers, fathers, and children (255 in Liberia, 273 in Sierra Leone).


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